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Ozone-Free Ionizing Air Purifiers &
Room negative ion generators

Personal Wearable Ionizer
DustGrabber™ (DC-2)
Ionizer/DustGrabber™ combo unit (IG-133DG)
Air Oasis Room Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Mold Test Kits (bacteria and fungus, too)
Intelli-Pro Six-Stage Air Filter/Purifier
For Odors: GreenAir Machine
NA50 Wall-mounted purifier
Car and Truck ionizer (AutoMate AS-1250B-N)
Refrigerator Sanitizer
Air Ion Detector
Ozone Detector
BOOK: The Ion Miracle
XJ-3000C Replacement HEPA filters and UV lamps
Water Purifiers


ULTRAVIOLET-C Central Air Purifiers
Air Probe Sanitizer Whole-house UV-C Air Purifier
Buyer's Guide: What To Look For When Buying an "in-duct" ultraviolet system
UV-C information and installation videos
UV-C information in newsletter
UV-C Testimonial letters
Commercial UV-C units
UVC Commercial application article
Bird Flu and other Pandemics
FanHandler™ blower speed controller
  Article: The FanHandler and UV-C
UV-C Lamp comparison charts
The key: Hydroxyls
Hydroxyl ions and Air Purification
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Air Purifier Product Brochure

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Reseller and Dealer Information
Marketing tips



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Ion Emitters - The Critical Component
Book excerpt: Proof Positive
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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Ionizer brands comparisons
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Ozone FAQ
Is ozone always bad?
Lead paint dust
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Electroculture - Enhancing plant growth

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