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220 Volt Negative Ionizers
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 Called Anion Generators or Ionisers in other countries


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Comtech Research has sold the IG- model series of room negative ion generators in all 50 United States, in over 25 countries, and in 6 continents and islands of the sea worldwide.



Reduced Prices

Now with IEC power connector
instead of non-removable cord.

220 volt Ionizer with IEC connector on black IG-133A

Lets you supply your own power cord with
the plug you need in your country to save money.

Cords may be available for little or nothing
 at your local computer repair shop.

A Black model IG-133A-BLK negative ion generator shown above.
This new feature is also available on other models and color.


Our ionisers are available for export to Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Germany, and most other countries with a 220 volt mains supply.

  • IG-133A220V "Happy Machine"™ ioniser (black or bone color)
  • IG-133DG220V "Happy Machine II"™ ioniser with built-in DustGrabber™ (black or bone)
  • IG-133DGB220V with mounting brackets, bone
  • DC-2-220V (DustGrabber™ only, must be used with our ionisers)


here is no longer an extra $25.00 charge for these 220 volt models, if you would rather supply your own power cord*.

   Instead of the cord (with special plug) that could not be removed, these ionisers now are supplied standard with an IEC connector (like on the back of computers and monitors) as shown above. Check your local computer repair shop; they may have a cord for the asking.

* All international power cords (with non-North American power plugs) are much more expensive when purchased by us here in the USA, than in your own country. This new design has been requested by many overseas customers to lower the price for 220 volt ionisers.

The special IEC power cord with the required plug for most countries are available from us for $25 per cord extra, if you request them. Otherwise, all 220 volt ionizers are shipped without a cord (as shown above) now at the same price as 120 volt ionizers.


Cords available for the 220 volt models listed above are shown to the right.

All these come with a IEC connector on the end opposite the plug.





United Kingdom fused power plug
UK plug

Continental European power plug
Continental European Plug

Australia/New Zealand power plug
Power plug for Australia and New Zealand
Israel plug
Israel 3-prong plug for 220V ionizers

When placing your order, please specify which, if any, of the above plugs and voltage you require.

EXAMPLE: "Continental European plug with the 220 Volt 50 Hz option".


For plugs not shown above, the ioniser can be wired for 220-240 volts 50/60 Hz with a North American plug as shown, and then you can purchase an adapter plug.

120 volt 2-prong North American power plug
  • Besides these ionizers, the Air Probe Sanitizer will work on any voltage between 120 and 277 volts with no modifications.

* Most IG-133-series ionizers on this web site are wired for North America (or Japan, standard 100 to 120 volts 60 Hz). If those ionizers are used in Japan, they have a slightly reduced level of negative ion output due to the 20% lower line voltages (100 volts) there. However, we can build custom anion generators for Japan that emit the same negative ions when powered by 100 volts.


All prices on this web site are in US Dollars, and orders are subject to the exchange rates in existence at the time we process your order. You might visit or your bank (preferred) for currency exchange rates (which vary daily). We are not responsible for the content of those web sites, which are not in our control.

Some methods of payment we accept are:
VISA credit card MasterCard credit card Discover/Novus credit card American Express credit card PayPal ( Union
PayPal is preferred


Most orders shipped outside the United States are usually best shipped via USPS Global Priority Mail or International Express Mail. Unlike parcel post, they can be tracked, and the USPS does not charge us a brokerage fee like UPS or FedEx does.

Depending on the total cost of the merchandise ordered, we may require another method of shipment.  Please see our shipping info page for more information. We cannot ship expensive items via any method that cannot be tracked (such as parcel post), unless the international customer pays for the merchandise in advance (by bank check, Western Union, etc.) or a credit card that can be verified by us and you are willing to accept the risk of the shipment getting lost or stolen in transit from us to you.

When you order online on this web site, it is not always possible to have this web site's shopping software calculate and display the exact shipping cost to every location in the world. Therefore, we may contact you with the exact shipping costs for your approval first.

You are responsible for paying any duties, taxes, brokerage fees, or other costs that your country's government, courier, etc. may charge. We are required by law to fill out all customs forms accurately.

Banned countries: Various U.S. government agencies have sanctions in place that substantially regulate or ban all trade and commerce with particular countries persons, and organizations (accessible from By law, we cannot (and will not) ship our products to countries, persons, or organizations listed.

Why we take these precautions

  A few years ago, a person in eastern Europe ordered an ionizer from us. We e-mailed back and forth, and as he seemed honest, we shipped the order to him.

  However, the credit card company later informed us that he used a stolen credit card.

  Who do you think paid for that order? Not the person who owned the credit card. And not the customer. We did, friend.

No overseas orders can be shipped to other than the billing address of the credit card. In order to protect against credit card fraud, we must verify all billing addresses of all orders shipped.
Some countries will not verify a VISA/MasterCard credit card billing address. If your country or bank is one of them
*, then we usually cannot accept a VISA/MasterCard credit card payment from you. American Express Credit CardWe can ship to almost anywhere in the world if you pay by American Express, because American Express verifies the credit card billing address in any country in the world.
* Some countries that will not do a billing/shipping address verification with VISA or MasterCard are the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Israel. Customers in these and any other country where we cannot verify the billing/shipping address of the credit card may be required to pay by using an American Express credit card, send us a check in advance, pay by Western Union, or pay via PayPal and we can ship to your confirmed PayPal shipping address.

Please contact us with any questions.


We also need the credit card ID Number...
Card ID number locations on AMEX (front of card) and VISA/MC (back of card) credit cards. This helps verify that the customer actually has the card.
to help guard against credit card fraud from stolen cards.


We DO NOT SHIP to these and some other countries.
high-risk countries

We no longer accept credit cards or checks from any of the countries listed in the "High-risk countries" chart. Sorry, too many Nigerian orders have been placed attempting to use stolen credit cards or fraudulent checks.

Toll-Free Order Line: 1-866-IONIZER (1-866-466-4937)
Offices: 1-417-452-2237 Monday to Friday 9-5 Central time

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