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Our IG-133- series negative ionizers generate FAR more usable negative ions than others costing several hundred dollars, yet sell for a fraction of the cost. They are genuine, high-density negative ion generators.

Most cheap "ionizers" being sold are actually ozone generators and produce few, if any, negative ions.

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Happy mother and young daughter who've been around negative ions :-)Allergies?
Refreshing Negative Ions Help Eliminate pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander, and many other allergy causing particulates from the air you breathe, day or night. 

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Bad Air?
Negative Ions, Hydroxyls, etc. from our complete variety of top-quality air purification products tp help purify and freshen the air you breathe Silently - Optimally - Safely.

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"I first purchased your products over a year ago. They are excellent and unique in the field. I believe that your products are superior in performance to any others I've found or used. I think you'll understand what I mean when I say that your approach is 'no-nonsense.' You produce products of the highest efficiency because you will not sacrifice performance for appearance. Your products are certainly not the most `flashy` looking on the market, but as your site reports (and I, myself, have had an opportunity to test) many of the most flashy products don't really `produce` negative ions. So, thank you for both the your products and your integrity."



Air Quality Test KitAir Quality Test Kit

Do you know what's lurking in YOUR air?

 Most people are shocked to find out.

 Test your air for mold, bacteria and fungus today.

Set of Two
Only $19.95




"I wanted to thank you for the promptness of your order and wanted to wait to write you until I had used the ion machine for about a month to get a good feel for if it made any difference in the way I feel. I can definitely say that I wake up with more energy and in general, just plain feel better!!! In fact, so much better that I would really like to have one of these machines with me all the time..."

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About Our Company
Negative ion generators -  negative ionizers - air purifiers by Comtech Research LLC (logo) (TM)

"Take care of the customer, and the
business will take care of itself."




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Model IG-133A

  • Quality, optimum ion output, long-life tabletop negative ionizers.

  • Designed by us for very long life and optimum output of high-density negative ions.

  • 2 Colors to choose from: Black or Bone (off-white)

  • Also available with
    built-in DustGrabber™


Room Ionizers

IG-133A negative ion generator (ionizer) for homes or offices - our best-selling model

Black negative ionizer - model IG-133A-BLK

The Happy Machine

Model IG-133A

Only $164.95


  Model IG-133DG
Combination Ionizer

  • An IG-133A high-output ionizer PLUS a DustGrabber™, Combined Into One Compact Unit.

  • For More Polluted Air
    A must near smokers;
    Helps reduce second-hand smoke.


  • Contains an exclusive feature invented by us, that helps "grab" nearby dust. Helps prevent dust from forming on the table and nearby surfaces.

The Happy Machine II
With Built-In DustGrabber

Combination ionizer and DustGrabber - model IG-133DG
Model IG-133DG

Our most popular ionizer

Only $204.95
or less

The Original Air Probe Sanitizer - Whole-house UV-C central air germicidal purifier and sterilizer
  • Superior UVC indoor air purification in your central air conditioning and/or heating system

  • STOPS Mold growth on your AC Coil. PERIOD.

  • NEVER clean your AC coil again.

  • Uses PURE Ultraviolet-C light. OZONE-FREE

    What to look for in a UV light central air purifier.



The Air Probe Sanitizerټ/a>
Purifies An Entire Building
with Ultraviolet Light and
Hydroxyl Ions.

Uses Superior long-life Germicidal probes
Ultraviolet light whole-house air purifier for top indoor air quality


Many Residential and Commercial models available for every application.

Dual Lamp Units
From only $499

Six-Stage Air Purifier

  • The Intelli-Pro helps purify and freshen your house without ozone

  • Dual Air Pollution Sensors, with advanced electronic pollution control

  • Activated carbon - HEPA Filter - Electrostatically- charged plasma cell - Germicidal UV lamp - negative ionizer

Odor and Dust Sensors for
Automatic Air Quality Control.

Intelli-Pro six-stage air purifier


Now Only $249


Personal Wearable
Ionizing Air Purifier

  • Lightweight, yet Very Effective Ionizer

  • Inexpensive battery Lasts over 60 Days if run 8 hours per day, 7 days a week; 20 continuous days if left on 24/7!

  • Longest battery life AND highest negative ion output of any wearable ionizer.

Treats your
personal space
with negative ions

Air Tamer Personal travel wearable air purifier

Price Reduced -
Only $99.95

Car Ionizer

  • High Negative ion output

  • Cleans and Freshens the air in your car or truck.

  • Self-contained, fits in vehicle cigarette lighter or power socket

Runs on 12 volts DC
In your Car,  Truck, or RV

Car Ionizer - Air Purifier - AS1250B-N

Only $64.95

UV Air Purifier

Superior for Odor Problems.

  • Produces negative ions and safe levels of ozone For Superior Odor Elimination in larger areas.

  • Free Remote Control

  • Similar to the Alpine Natural Air purifier

  • Made in China

We now offer the latest,
improved design model

GreenAir air purifier for odors

Only $399



The Ion Miracle

  • Very interesting and informative book

  • Clear and to-the-point

    Very well-researched, with many references

  • Better than the out-of-print Ion Effect book


Book About
Negative Ions

Book about negative ions: The Ion Miracle

Only $9.95 

Ion Sniffer
Air Ion Detector

  • Sensitive Hand-Held Air Ion Detector Indicates both Negative and Positive Ions in the air.

  • Does your "ionizer" really emit meaningful amounts of negative ions?

  • Do you have harmful levels of positive ions in your environment?

  • The "Ion Sniffer" will tell you for sure.

Not always stocked

There's Nothing like it
Available Anywhere.

Ion Sniffer(tm) Air Ion Detector

Only $395
after discount at checkout





Clean air with ultraviolet whole-house in-duct air sanitizer

Buy Risk Free from Comtech Research LLC.


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