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Negative Ionizer for 12 Volt DC mobile and Scientific Research use

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Click here to see our AutoMate negative car ionizer

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 AutoMate Car Ionizer 


Ideal for RVs.
Not recommended for use with an
AC adapter wall transformer.

12 volt DC negative ion generator IG-1215
CORRECTION: This model is now NOT twice the power as our other models.


For indoor use, we highly recommend our IG-133-Series of room ionizers, which produce plenty of high-density negative ions.


Click here to see our AutoMate negative car ionizer


Negative ion generator for mobile, marine, or research use using 12 volts DC negative ground

Helps remove dust, pollen, mold particles, etc. from the air

NOT an ozone generator

Will NOT deteriorate or discolor nearby objects like many ozone-generating "ionizers" do

Adjustable negative ion output

Negative ion output adjustment
Close-up view

negative ion output level adjustment close-up view

Power requirements:
12 volts DC (nominal) at .07 amps
Negative ground
Suggested voltage range:
12 to 13.8 volts DC (this is the normal voltage range of a common lead-acid car battery)
Maximum voltage range for reliable operation: 9 to 14 volts DC

Manufactured in our Missouri, USA facility.



Includes the following accessories at no extra charge:

  • Long-life, maintenance- free CFE-1 ion emitter (a $29.95 value)
  • Lighter adapter power cord with fuse and indicator lamp

  • Free ion detector

Quality engineered and constructed

Will not interfere with radio reception

60-day money-back trial period

Five-year warranty 

Not recommended for use with AC adapter / wall transformer.

Only $229.00 each

DISCOUNT:  Order 2 or more at one time (or with a room ionizer, etc.) and save 10%: only $206.10 ea.

The IG-1215 is not always stocked, but readily available upon request.

Factory-installed mounting brackets available, please specify when ordering ($15.00 extra).

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 AutoMate car ionizer   

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