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Ozone- Free Ionizing Air Purifiers


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Genuine, High-Output
Negative Ion Generators
and Home ionizers for

Home - Office - Travel


The "Happy Machine"

Model IG-133A Room Ionizer
Designed to last and last.

Only $164.95 or less

Now available in either Bone or Black
to blend perfectly with any decor.

Negative ion generator IG-133A ionizerNew Black IG-133A-BLK negative ion generator
More information

  • Top quality, long-lasting room ionizers generate an high and optimum level of negative ions in your living environment, while effectively removing allergens.

  • Superior air purification than expensive HEPA filters, electronic air cleaners, or other types of air purifiers, using negative ionization of the oxygen in your room.

  • Cleans and purifies the air noiselessly, effectively removing dust, pollen, mold spores, and other allergy- causing particulates.

  • No fan required. But it still emits a breeze of negative air ions you can feel.

  • No filters to replace - ever.

  • Advanced solid-state internal electronics are exceptionally reliable, safe, and produce no harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation.

  • Safe to operate, internally fused, and also feature built-in sealed multiple electronic protection devices.

  • Several models to choose from.

  • SIZE: Most are only 5" wide x 5" deep

Buythe Air Oasis Mini Now

Click here for more information on our Tabletop Room Ionizers


Ionizer and DustGrabber™
All-In-One combination unit

Our Best-Selling
High-Ion-Density room
Negative Ion Generator

All the features of both the
IG-133A and the DustGrabber™,
combined into one compact unit.

IG-133DG Ionizer and DustGrabber(tm) combination unit
$204.95 or less

Click here for more information

on the model IG-133DG

(Also available with Ceiling/Wall mounting option for $15 extra)

Buy one now


Wearable, Personal Travel Ionic Air Purifier

Only $99.95
Buy a negative ionizer

Car ionizer
Click here for more info

Only $64.95

Buythe Air Oasis Mini Now



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Negative ion generator
Reliable Room Ionizers
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Special offer,
extended by
popular demand:


Included with your order when you purchase any IG-series negative ionizer or DustGrabber™!

Note: When placing an order, the ion detector does not show up on the list of items ordered, but please be assured that you will receive one when ordering an ionizer.


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60-Day Money-Back


Ironclad Warranties





10% discount if ordering two or more room ionizers or in combination with DustGrabber above online




All our room and car ionizers come with 1 free IDN-1 ion detector per order.



Other "air cleaners" have noisy fans and make loud snapping sounds. These air purifiers are completely silent.



How do you choose a good ionizer?

Today, it's hard to choose, there are so many out there.

Several 'air purifier' products claim to be negative ionizers, but are in fact really ozone generators.

Other "ionizers" only generate negative ions internally. But to be truly effective, negative ions must leave the unit and go out into the air in your room.

And you have to have the right amount of negative ions, produced by a properly designed high-density negative air ionizer.

You've come to the right place.
Comtech Research understands ionizers.

Let us help you choose the right one for you.



Negative ion generator (model IG-133 ionizer). Order another model if your room humidity is low in any part of the year.
Model IG-133
Only $149.95
Our original Ionizer

(Please select another model if your room humidity is below about 45% in any part of the year.)



Air Filter
Air Purifier

Odor and Dust Sensors
For automatic air quality control.

Intelli-Pro six-stage air purifier

Buythe Air Oasis Mini Now






Ionizing Air Purifiers with additional features


Air Oasis

Now with Patent-Pending
Catalytic Molecules Technology

The improved, advanced technology Air Oasis ultraviolet catalyst room air purifiers convert most ozone to safer ions, such as hydro peroxides (H2O2), hydroxyl ions (OH-), and super oxide (O2-) ions.

Air Oasis Air Purifiers

Three sizes available:
For a room or a house.

Click here to see them.




Let us help you choose
just the right air purifier
for you.
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DustGrabber™Dust Collector

DustGrabber (tm) room dust collector - negative ion generator accessory
$139.95 or less

  • Greatly enhances the effectiveness of a nearby ionizer
  • Traps airborne particles of dust, pollen, mold spores, etc.
  • Built-in to our IG-133DG ionizer

Click here to view more information
about the DustGrabber





Whole-House Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

UV air purifier - air conditioner or duct mounted


Purifies the air in an entire building using pure ultraviolet-c and hydroxyl ions

UV-C commercial ultraviolet purifiers also available

Eliminates Odors without ozone

Germicidal effect destroys viruses and bacteria

Reduces dust, pollen, mold and other allergens

Eliminates the need for occasional duct or air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning

Patented & UL classified.

Click here for more information about the Air Probe Sanitizer...




Custom Electro-horticulture ionizers available for enhancing plant growth











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