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Air Ion Detector
Detects both Negative Ions and Positive Ions

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- Much easier and simpler to operate than expensive air ion counters or ion meters.

- Very sensitive to negative and positive ions.

- Small and compact.

- High-quality design and construction.

- Very easy to use.

- Exceptionally long battery life.



A Free IDN-1 ion detector is supplied with all negative ion generator orders. It is not near as sensitive as this IDS-2 Ion Sniffer ion detector).


Comtech Research
Ion Sniffer
Model IDS-2
Active Air Ion Detector
Far more sensitive than our IDN-1 ion detector.

There's NOTHING Like It Available Anywhere.


Ion Sniffer (TM) Air Ion Detecto

Available in Bone (shown above) or Black


Ion Detector Description

The Ion Sniffer™ is a very sensitive ion detector which simultaneously indicates the presence of both negative ions and positive ions in your environment. The Ion Sniffer™ ion detector can measure the relative air ion intensity indoors, and even detect naturally occurring positive or negative ions outdoors.


Hundreds of dollars LESS than ANY other sensitive air ion detector, ion meter, or ion counter available anywhere else. The Comtech Research IDS-2 Ion Sniffer™ Dual-Polarity Air Ion Detector is Only $434.50 $395.00 (10% Discount) if purchasing online, or with a room ionizer by phone.


Many Uses for this Ion Detector.

More Ion Detector Features:

The Ion Sniffer can...
  • Find out if your ionizing air purifier or "negative ion generator" really generates meaningful levels of negative ions. Most do not.
    • Many ionizers generate a very weak (low-density) level of negative ions, detectable only up close. See how far away from your ionizer you can detect negative ions.
    • Detect if it emits harmful positive ions. Many "ion generators" do.

  • See if your computer monitor, TV, air purifier, etc. is generating harmful levels of positive ions. Many do.

  • See for yourself what you're really buying. Take the Ion Sniffer™ to your local store where ionizing air purifiers are sold.
    • Does that model you're shopping for really emit high-density negative ions? You should get a reading at least several feet away.
    • The farther you are from the ionizer with the green light glowing, the higher the output of the negative ion generator.

  • Be warned of a defective ion generator before its warranty expires. Some ionizers put out a good level of negative ions at first. But sooner or later (often sooner) the ion output falls. But how can you tell? You can't see ions. But the IDS-2 can. Keep watch on your ionizer, make certain it stays working like new.
  • Keep watch on your indoor environment's air ion level. Harmful positive ions can be generated by static electricity, air flowing through furnace ductwork, and many other sources. The ion levels may fluctuate throughout the year.

  • Check for elevated levels of static electricity in sensitive ESD applications.
  • The Ion Sniffer™ Is Two Separate Air Ion Detectors In One.
    • A negative ion detector
    • A positive ion detector
    • Both combined into one compact ion detector.

  • The Ion Sniffer™ will detect naturally-occurring levels of negative ions and/or positive ions outdoors, such as enhanced levels due to winds, thunderstorms (even in the distance), or other natural air ion sources.
       Demonstrate negative ions being emitted by negative ion generators, flames, large waterfalls, or even your bathroom shower.

  • The Ion Sniffer™ uses special sensitive high-brightness light-emitting diodes (LED lamps), and reliable solid-state circuits for a visual indication of the presence of air ions.
       The relative ion density is indicated by the brightness of the LEDs and how far away from the ionizer (or other ion source) that each LED glows. See Specs.

  • This compact, hand-held ion detector is attractive, durable, very sensitive, and operates for a long time on one 9 volt battery (included).

  • Five-year Warranty and
    60-Day Satisfaction guarantee.

  • Dealer inquiries welcome.



Use and Care of your Ion Sniffer Active Ion Detector


1. Open rear battery compartment and install one alkaline 9-volt battery (included). Please observe correct battery polarity or unit will not function.

2. Be sure both antennas are extended equally. Try starting with them extended about half way. Faster results detecting the negative ions from a small flame may require less than halfway. For maximum sensitivity, extend the length of the ion detecting antennas fully.

Reset the ion detector as shown before use3. Reset the ion detector by touching a finger across the two ion sensing antennas as shown. This ensures proper operation.

4. Point the tips of the ion detection antenna probes toward a possible source of ionization and press the momentary-contact "Measure" button.

Ion detector with IG-133A Ionizer (Click To Zoom)NOTE: Holding the Ion Sniffer™ at a 45 degree angle will maximize sensitivity.


continued from previous column

5. If a measurable level of ionization is detected, one of the two ion indicator LED lamps will glow steadily. Disregard any momentary random flicker of the lamps. A steady, consistent illumination of the display lamp indicates a valid measurement.

Ion Detector Detecting Negative Ions6. If the RED lamp (on the right) glows steadily, the presence of positive ions has been detected.
   If the GREEN lamp (on the left) glows steadily, then negative ions have been detected.
   The intensity of the glow indicates the relative level of ionization. See Specs.

7. Slowly back away from the ionizer (or other ion source). See how far from it you can get before the green LED is no longer glowing. The farther away, the greater the source intensity (density) in ions per cubic centimeter.

8. When used near very high ionization levels, a temporary static charge may build up on the probes, momentarily resulting in incorrect readings. This can be corrected by touching your finger for a few seconds across the two Indicator probes, and then waiting a few seconds before again using the Detector.


To obtain the very best results from your ion detector, Please read the simple instructions before using your Ion Sniffer.

For the most accurate results, the air should be as still as possible. Ions will tend to follow the direction that the air is moving.

Always observe correct battery polarity and use a fresh alkaline battery. Remove the battery if your Ion Sniffer™ ion detector will not be used for a long time.

To prevent damage to the Ion Sniffer, never directly touch any source of high ionization or high voltage with the ion detection antennas.

Keep the ion detector antenna probes clean and dust-free. Do not allow them to be bent to one side. Always retract them when not using your ion detector.


Buy the Ion Sniffer (tm)i Now Price: $434.50 $395.00 After Automatic Online
Discount at checkout


Ion Sniffer brand Ion Detector
"Ion Sniffer" is a trademark of
Comtech Research LLC.



IDS-2 Ion Sniffer Specifications

  • Display type: Easy to see red and green LED indicators. Specially selected Extra High Brightness LEDs and other components are used for sensitive ion indications.
  • Power source: One 9-Volt alkaline battery, included. Battery power is used only while the "Measure" button is being pressed and ions are detected.
  • Sensitivity: Detects ion levels all the way down to 9000 ions per cubic centimeter (such as in a shower, from a small flame, outdoor waterfall, or ionizer). Greater ion source densities are calculated simply measuring the distance from the ion source at which the ion detector LED barely glows. (Ion density is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source*.) Distance vs. ion density chart coming soon.
    • *For example, doubling the distance from the ion source decreases the ion intensity by 1/4 (and not by 1/2 as one might expect).




Also available: The standard Comtech Research model IDN-1 ion detector. Thousands sold or given away free with any high-density negative ion generator. When the IDN-1 ion detector is held within a few inches of a high-density negative ionizer, its gas lamp flashes. The closer you hold it to the ion emitter, or the stronger the ion source, the faster it flashes. Normally, it is $12.95; but it is FREE with the purchase of any of our ionizers. NOT NEAR AS SENSITIVE AS THE IDS-2 Ion Sniffer brand Ion Detector (above).




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