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Eco Badge® Ozone Detector Kit

- Simple to Use -

See if your air purifier is emitting harmful levels of ozone.



Each Ozone Test Kit includes:

  1. Four One-Hour Ozone Test Cards
    in 2 pouches (to right)
  2. Test Card Reader (below)
  3. A Brochure explaining Ozone Sources, Benefits and Dangers in your home.

Ozone detector test card

Ozone Test Card reader


  • A new ozone test card is white. If there is ozone present, they will change color inside the circle on the ozone test card.
  • The card can be worn or placed in the area where people are.
  • Simply compare to the color of the ozone test cards to read the level of ozone.
  • If the ozone test card remains white, that means that there is little if any ozone present.



Ozone Detector

Ozone detector test kit

Fresh Air Home and Office
Ozone Monitoring system


Only $49.95 Each,
15 for $749.25



The manufacturer of Eco Badge® does not endorse
any air purification product sold on this web site.


Comtech Research ran a test on an Air Oasis 3000 with the test card 2" away. After one hour (the normal test time), the ozone test card showed NO color. And it took hours before the card showed any color, proving that the ozone levels from the Air Oasis was quite safe.

HINT: You cannot test ozone quantity in the front of an ozone generator (such as the GreenAir Machine or the NA50 in real time. The proper way is to test the room's ozone density away from the ozone generator in your living space, (where people and pets are).

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