Air Quality Test Kit (Set Of Two)
Tests for Airborne Mold Spores, Bacteria, Fungus

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Does NOT need to be sent to a laboratory to read the results.








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Are there Mold spores, Germs, or Fungus in the air that YOU breathe?

These air test kits will give you a good
idea of general air quality in your home.

 Each air quality test kit contains two Petri
dishes and two bottles of Easygel agent.

Mold spores, bacteria, and fungus land on the EasyGel in the Petri dishes, where they feed on the nutrient-rich EasyGel.

After just 72 hours, any mold spores, bacteria, or fungi grow safely inside the sealed dish to a point where they are clearly visible (as shown in these photos).

  • Do you need an air purifier?
    Use the first air test kit to find out just how much mold and germs are in your air.
  • Is your air purifier effective?
    Use the other air tester after your new air purifier has been running for a few days and see for yourself.

Before using Air Oasis - Mold, etc. in the air

After using Air Oasis - less  Mold, etc. in the air

Before After


Tests for Airborne:

  • Mold Spores
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus


Only $19.95 per set

Mold, Bacteria, Fungus Air test kitMold, Bacteria, Fungus Air test kit

Pour a bottle of EasyGel into a plastic dish. After exposing the air test to air for 1 hour you place the lid on and place it in a room temperature (70 degrees F or more) and low light space for three full days. A dresser drawer works good.

After 3 days, view the test to see how much bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus etc. has grown. The instructions that come with the test kit show you how to tell what the spots are.


Minimum Order $20.

Air Quality Test kit - test for mold, bacteria, and fungus in the air
You get Two of these test kits


Each two-use air tester kit comes with detailed instructions and examples of what you may see before and after you purchase an Air Oasis, etc.


Before and After



Mold, Bacteria and fungus Test kit

$19.95 per set

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