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Green Air Air Purifier
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Hi-Efficiency Air Purifier & Sterilizer with UV Lamp


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Price: $443.33

Only $399

After Online Discount

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Q. Who should buy this purifier?

A. People whose primary need is to get rid of odors indoors.

Q. Who should choose another purifier instead?

A. Those who do not have an odor problem OR need to get rid of odors in a small room.





Comtech Research, a leader in air purification systems, presents

The Hi-EfficientGreenAir Air Purifier, Sterilizer, and Odor Remover.

Similar to the old Natural Air

Quiet, variable speed 400 CFM fresh air delivery fan.

Rated coverage area is 250 to 3,000+ sq. ft. (Depending on humidity levels, temperature, and wall configuration, this unit can cover an area up to 6,000 sq. ft at its maximum setting).

This machine has been re-designed and upgraded for this year, and is modeled after the Ecoquest™ Fresh Air Machine which retails for nearly 4 times our price.

Our innovative air treatment system makes indoor air processing faster and more effective than other units.

Unit dimensions:

  • 13" high
  •  9" wide
  •  9" deep.


Manufacturer's suggested retail price $699.00
Yours For Only $399
+ our actual shipping costs.



2009 Model Now Shipping.

  • New cherry finish cabinet - color is richer, darker than old model.
  • IMPROVED: Layout inside the unit has been changed:
    Much easier access to the UV lamp.
  • IMPROVED: Ozone plate now mounted horizontally, so it slides out easy.
  • IMPROVED: Detection of ozone plate parameters has been improved.
  • IMPROVED: Unit now self-resets with a power off, so no need for the old  "Reminder Reset" button.
    • IMPROVED:  Reset button has been replaced with a "BIO/UV" button which turns the UV lamp on and off at users' option.
  • View improved inner structure.




  • No expensive filters to replace.
  • Intelligent system tells you when to perform routine maintenance.
  • Perfect for home, office, clinic, boat, large RV, etc.



  • These dual functions turn on automatically as soon as you turn on your unit.
  • The anion function releases healthy negative ions into your home, perfect for eliminating dust, bacteria, animal dander, and other harmful particles that float in the air.
  • Produces fresh oxygenous air, perfect for those suffering from allergies and asthma.
  • Ion generation: 2 million/cubic cm.
  • The sterilizer function turns on the units UV lamp to incinerate 99.99% of microorganisms like bacteria, mold spores, mildew, fungi, viruses, and airborne germs as they pass through the unit.


  • Unit creates low levels of ozone to eliminate all types of offensive odors in your home -- perfect for eliminating tobacco smoke, cooking odors, chemical/cleaning agent odors, paint odors, etc.
  • Automatic Ozone shutoff (can be disabled in "Away" mode)
  • Ozone generation: 0-360 mg/hr.
  • Beware of similar looking units that more than DOUBLE the ozone generation...anything greater than 600 mg/hr can cause throat irritation, headaches, and is simply unsafe).
  • 7 Levels of purification:


ON Time

OFF Time

Purify I 11 min 6 min
Purify II 12 min 5 min
Purify III 13 min 4 min
Purify IV 14 min 3 min
Purify V 15 min 2mins
Away Continuous on


  • This button will toggle between the NORMAL MODE (Anion & Sterilizer functions active) and the HIGH MODE (Anion, Sterilizer and Purifier functions active).
  • See Purify Setting table above


  • Pressing the AWAY MODE disables the automatic ozone shutoff feature, and turns on and advances the units timer in intervals of 2 hours up to 10 hours maximum.
  • Perfect for when you want the unit to run under maximum cleaning mode while you're out of the home or office.

INCLUDES: (all installed)

  • UV bulb
  • Negative Ion Generator
  • Ceramic Ozone Plate
  • Remote Control with battery so you can control all functions without interfacing with unit directly.
  • Rear washable Primary Activated Carbon filter
  • Inner Catalytic Screen
    • ...both of which remove harmful particulates in the air, improving your indoor air quality.
  • Electric plates offer powerful, affordable, and energy efficient air cleaning
  • Owners Manual
  • Power Cord


Performance Guarantee....All units are fully tested before shipment, and carry an industry best Three-Year Manufacturer's warranty against manufacturer defects.

Inexpensive Spare parts are available (call for details).


Price: $443.33

Only $399

After Online Discount

Buythe GreenAir Machine Now



Below is NOT required in new 2009 models -- This is now automatic.

Manual clarification
Ozone plate reset procedure

This is a normal procedure after removing and replacing the ozone plate in models prior to 2008.

To do that:

  1. Turn unit on. If the PURIFY lights are flashing, press the Normal/High button so they are NOT flashing anymore.
  2. Then turn unit off at front POWER button AND rear main power switch, and unplug it.
  3. Wait at least 5 minutes.
  4. Then remove rear filter by unscrewing the 4 thumbscrews on backside of unit.
  5. Take out the ozone plate and turn it upside down, then re-insert it back into the machine between the 2 metal prongs. (it's ok to disregard the directional arrows printed on the plate).
  6. Then put back on rear filter.
  7. Plug unit back in and turn it on. Immediately press PURIFY button to go to level one purify, then IMMEDIATELY press the RESET button twice. That should reset the plate, and make the Purify lights stay on.
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