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The Ion Miracle
Great Book About Negative Ions


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Book About Negative Ions
The Ion Miracle

Only $9.95

The Benefits of Negative Ions on
Physical and Mental Well-being.

Book: The Ion Miracle. Waterfalls like this one produce negative ions


Based on sound scientific studies about negative ions, The Ion Miracle is a very  easy-to-read book that explains to ordinary people what negative air ions do in life for humans, plants and animals.

An outstanding and accurate book on the subject of negative and positive air ions. Superior to Fred Soyka's book, The Ion Effect (now out of print).

Click here to see the author's bibliography page, which shows all 212 scientific references upon which the information in the book is based.



  1. Fred Soyka's Experience
  2. Winds that kill
  3. Sanctuaries of life
  4. Research and experiments
  5. Our modern environment: a pos-ion generator
  6. Ionization to improve our health and well-being: What To Do



Front cover of book

Back cover of book

Front cover of Ion Miracle - book about negative ions

Back cover of Ion Miracle - book about negative ions

"Convinced of the importance of the subject but unable to find available material about it, I decided to write this book, which both summarizes the literature about and documents personal experiences of the effects of negative ions." - Author, Jean-Yves Côté

New low price: Only $9.95

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Paperback - 92 pages - © 1999



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