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Niagara Air Purifiers
Our newest dealer, and a talented Webmaster! (Site may be still under development).

Ion Therapy
Wikipedia Article with references.

Medline Plus: Indoor Air Pollution
Very informative US Government web page. Contains guides and many links to indoor air quality, indoor air pollution sources, conditions, prevention, and much more information.

"Indoor Air Pollution: An Introduction for Health Professionals"EPA: Indoor Air Quality, types and sources of indoor air pollution
Very informative Environmental Protection Agency government web page. A book also is available in PDF format.

Air Ions and Human Comfort
Canadian Building Digest: Nature and effects of air ions, ion measurement and generation, ion concentration in the atmosphere and in buildings, and other information and research.

Negative Ions Information Center
Information about negative ions, negative ion generators, ozone, allergy reports, and links
(non-profit site)

Information about negative ions, ozone, ultraviolet light, airborne pathogens (microorganisms). A wealth of information, superbly done.

Air Ion Technologies
Informative page that discusses ion sizes, and very simply illustrates how negative ions are formed (hold your mouse over the two moving atoms).

Bad Science - The Truth about oxygen
What about "Small Ions" ?  From the Guardian Unlimited.


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