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Ion Emitters

Where the Negative Ions Come From!

 The Critical, All-Important Part of Any Negative Ionizer.
 But it's the part that wears out on most ionizers.
 And when it does, those ionizers are useless.



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Comtech Research has developed the best solutions to this inescapable fact.


And thousands of our delighted customers have attested to this, again and again. Time has proven that when you get an IG-133-series high-density negative ionizer from Comtech Research, you get an effective, long-lasting negative ion generator that lasts and lasts, well past the five-year warranty.


We do NOT believe in planned obsolescence*. We believe in offering the highest quality air ionizer products with top-quality negative ion emitters that last just as long as possible.


All high-density negative ion generators have a negative ion emitter. That's where the negative ions actual come from.

Sooner or later– regardless of the ion emitter's material, design, or configuration– the ion emitter will eventually deteriorate.

And when it does deteriorate, the negative ion output decreases. That's a fact of life due to inescapable scientific laws of physics. You can't get around that.

However, Comtech Research has developed maximum-life negative ion emitters on all the IG-133-series negative ion generators: The SSE and the CFE.

Both of these ion emitters are designed for high ion output even after they have been in continuous use for some time.

They are even replaceable at a modest cost, should that become necessary.

1. SSE Emitter
The only user-renewable ion emitter available.
  The SSE can be easily restored to new condition by simply trimming a tiny bit off the ends of the fine wires on the SSE ion emitter (on top of the ionizer) occasionally with an ordinary pair of wire cutters (according to the instructions supplied), to keep the ends sharp and the negative ion output at its peak. (Even if this is not done, the ion output remains high.)


2. Our Long-Life CFE Negative Ion Emitter is crafted from a high-tech, space-age material that is virtually maintenance-free. The CFE emitter requires no trimming, since the diameter of the fibers is almost microscopically small (only 0.8 microns).

And dusting off the CFE emitter is only needed 2 or 3 times a year. Simply unplug it and brush the majority of the dust off the ends if the tiny fibers by very lightly brushing against your clothing. Detailed instructions come with your ionizer.

The CFE is standard on the IG-133DG; optional on the IG-133A.

Over the years, we have found the study of the various facets of effective ion emitter design most fascinating! Our extensive scientific research has resulted in the very best, cutting-edge negative ion generators that LAST, and produce a continuous, optimum level of healthy negative ions in your personal space.



What about the TE-4 Ion Emitter that uses Pure Tungsten Wires?

You may have noticed that we have discontinued our model TE-4 tungsten wire ion emitter, and gone back to the time-proven SSE (stainless steel wire) ion emitter.

This is because some people had difficulty with them.

  • The tungsten wires vibrate sometimes. This is normal.
  • Rarely, the tungsten wire proved to be prone to occasional breakage after a long time.
  • Others had difficulty following the cleaning instructions ("Simply dust off the wires by lightly drawing them between two fingers [forefinger and middle finger] every so often"). They would use a fingernail pressed against the other finger, pulled the wire hard where they met, and so caused the wires to curl up.

  The TE-4 ion emitter is still available upon request. It is still a good design, and
costs the same as the SSE ion emitter.


* Planned Obsolescence (or "built-in obsolescence"):
The conscious decision on the part of a manufacturer to produce a consumer product that will become obsolete in a defined time frame.

   Planned obsolescence has great benefits for the manufacturer in that it means a consumer will buy their product repeatedly, as their old one is no longer functional or desirable. It exists in many different products from  to light bulbs to cars, from software to buildings.

  There is, however, the potential backlash of consumers that become aware of such obsolescence; such consumers can shed their loyalty and buy from a company that caters to their desire for a more durable product.

  Comtech Research does not believe in offering such short-lived products.


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