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Ionizer Brand Comparisons
Which one is really the best air purifier?
How do you choose the right purifier for your needs?

This page provides clear information that shows you how to compare between all the different brands and types of home ionizers and other types of air purifiers yourself.

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The advertisements are everywhere: Online, Television, Radio, Magazines

You would think that because they are seen so often, they must be well-established firms.

They may very well be. Often, though, large profits are the main (if not the only) concern.


Have you seen the False Advertising and Misleading Statements on these Air Purifier advertisements?

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... are web sites masquerading as non-profit, impartial comparisons for the benefit of people shopping for the best value.

By listing competitive brands and models together (besides the one that is actually trying to be promoted by the web site's owner, which is usually at the very top of the list), they appear to be impartial. Not so.

There are even pages on these sites that offer information and advice, in an attempt to appear credible. But some of this info ranges from just being technically inaccurate to downright false and misleading.

For example, negative ionizers (which have been scientifically proven through the years again and again to be the best, if properly designed) are presented in a bad light with many disadvantages and drawbacks.

It is not difficult to see through this unethical and deceptive selling technique, with these thoughts in mind.

  • The misleading product ads and product names.
  • The implication (sometimes even subliminal) that their 'ionizer' actually puts out a breeze consisting of high-density negative air ions, when that is not the case.


Before you buy, read their manual, catalog, package, etc. Do they say that their product actually emits large numbers of negative ions externally (in the millions or trillions)? Our Negative Ionizers Do.

FAQ: How we test them.


Several other 'air purifier' products claim to be negative ionizers, but are in fact really ozone generators.

Yet other "ionizers" do generate some negative ions, but they do so internally; few ions ever leave their unit and go out into the room. Check before you buy one.

And as unbelievable as it may seem, some even emit harmful positive ions. And some even use chemicals, perfumes, or agents.

Check before you buy one. None of our ionizers do any of these things.



During the first week of December 2002, we carefully tested two different models of nationally-advertised, column-style "ionizers" being sold in a nearby retail store, using a very sensitive negative ion detector. The negative ion output reading from either unit was zero. But we could walk outside and easily detect negative ions that were normally present that day outdoors. A close examination of the instruction manuals (and also another brand of 'air purifier' of similar appearance that was not tested) revealed no claim to actually emitting negative ions; only ozone.


Our IG-133-ionizer-models also feature:

  • High ion output. Produces high density negative ions, 100 trillion ions per second results in One million negative ions per cc at over three feet away
  • Almost undetectable levels of ozone
  • Compact design
  • Low power requirements


60-day trial period

Five-year warranty


Click here to order one now

We believe our negative ionizers will outlast any other ionizer available.

That's a bold statement, but we believe it is the truth for several reasons:

1. All ionizers have an ion emitter, and all emitters wear out. But our emitters are either user-renewable (details on our site) or, for $29.95 extra, extremely long life. In any case, they are replaceable; they just plug in.

2. We've seen many ionizers that build up a coating of dirt inside that makes them stop working after a relatively short period of time. But ours are designed to have the dirt build up on the outside so it can be cleaned off easily.

3. The electronics inside the ionizer is not only a reliable design, but quality built.

4. We still have, and use, the first ionizers we've ever made. And they still work like the day we built them, even though they have been in almost continuous operation for years.

5. We have a 60-day money-back trial period on all our products. But very few (less than 1%) are returned to us asking for a refund.

6. Our IG-133-series models have a five-year warranty. But only a handful of ionizers have ever been returned to us because they failed since 1998. And we think some of those failures were due to power surges from lightning, but we exchanged them with new ionizers, anyway.

How do you choose a good one?

Today, it's hard to choose, there are so many out there.

Several 'air purifier' products claim to be negative ionizers, but are in fact really ozone generators.

Many other "ionizers" only generate negative ions internally. But to be truly effective, ions must leave the unit and go out into the air in your room.

And you have to have the right amount of negative ions, produced by a properly designed high-density negative air ionizer.

You've come to the right place. Comtech Research understands ionizers. Please let us help you choose the right one for you.

We occasionally receive e-mails asking "how do your products compare to..." other ionizers made by other manufacturers.

We believe ours are superior and longer-lasting. The comments from people who've bought them speak for themselves.


More information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.




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