The FanHandler and UV-C Germicidal Air Purifiers

by Michael J. Waters
Comtech Research LLC

More and more people are seeing the need for central air purification using properly-designed ultraviolet-C germicidal lamp systems, which install in the heating and air conditioning systems of homes and businesses. A good UV-C system is unparalleled for cleaning the air in the entire home or office of germs, mold, viruses, pollen, pollution, odors, dust, and pollutants. A recent scientific study proved the effectiveness of the UVC system we offer, the Original Air Probe Sanitizer, in the elimination of Sick Building Syndrome, in addition to its other proven benefits.

The only problem was, as some of our potential Air Probe Sanitizer customers used to comment, is that "I'll only get the maximum benefits of UV-C when my air conditioner or furnace fan is running. So why should I install an ultraviolet-C central air purifier, when my air handler fan is only running part of the time?"

Good question! Though the typical A-coil mold problem was eliminated regardless, what was still needed is a way to economically run the fan so that the air is continuously (but slowly) circulated, purifying the air that you are breathing 100% of the time. So how can you achieve this, because many HVAC blowers have only on or off speeds? What do you do in areas of the country where the fan hardly ever runs in the spring and fall? There is a solution.

FanHandler model FAC-120What we have found of unsurpassed value for solving this dilemma is the FanHandler. It is a key component in Comtech Research's Air Probe Sanitizer business. Our initial excitement after learning of the FanHandler (from one of our Air Probe Sanitizer customers) has not waned at all, since we have seen just how good and reliable it is, both in our own and many of our customers' installations of the FanHandler.

The FanHandler is an easily-installed fan motor speed control device that does a beautiful job of regulating the air conditioner/furnace blower speed. When the thermostat is not calling for heat or cooling, the fan runs at a user-adjustable slow, silent, draft-free speed. When the heat or air comes on, it then gradually increases the fan speed. This way, you have a constant movement of air throughout the ducts, past the UV-C lamps in the Air Probe Sanitizer, so the air is treated 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the FanHandler, the building air constantly can be circulated past the ultraviolet-C lights and throughout the premises, leaving the air sanitized and smelling fresh and clean. And all this without cold rooms and drafts in the winter, hot areas in the summer, or constant air noise from the blower.

When we installed a FanHandler here and adjusted it so that a tissue at the vent farthest from the HVAC unit just flutters when the furnace or air isn't on, the place smelled fresher, because of the greatly enhanced action of the UV rays on the supply side of our A-coil.

Another benefit to installing the FanHandler in our own home was that the fan kicking on and off in the middle of the night no longer woke us up, thanks to the FanHandler's gradually increasing in the fan speed when the heat or air would come on. Not to mention that the whole place kept a more even temperature. And all of this without our electric bill going up.

The FanHandler is a great product, which enables our Air Probe Sanitizer customers to obtain the maximum benefit from the UV-C rays. It is quality made and easy to install by qualified individuals*. And we plan to continue offering them along with the ultraviolet-C Air Probe Sanitizer.


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* The FanHandler, like the Air Probe Sanitizer, is to be installed only by a qualified person, such as your local licensed HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) professional, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) professional, or licensed electrician.


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