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 Neotec XJ-2000 UV
 UV Light Ionic Air Purifier

 Produces Freshened Air with a Clean Smell.

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Q. Who should buy the XJ-2000 UV?

A. Those whose primary concern is to remove unwanted odors.


IMPROVED DESIGN. Now with removable, mirror-finish corrosion-resistant polished stainless steel collector plates and other internal enhancements.






New Improved Design-
Now with Ultraviolet Light
And Improved Ion Emitters.


An Economical Solution to Odor Problems
For Home, Office, or Car
With FREE Comtech Research IDN-1 Ion Detector

For Allergens AND odors.

The NeoTec XJ-2000 UV features improved 17 stainless steel ionic needles. It it actually produces a breeze of negative ions (unlike some products which mostly blow ordinary air and ozone).

  • Produces freshened air with a clean smell.

  • Top quality, long-lasting room ionizer generates a high level of negative ions in your environment, while effectively removing allergens.

  • Although the XJ-2000 UV's negative ion output is not quite as high as our IG-133- series ionizers sold on this web site, this air purifier also generates safe levels of ozone, for superior odor reduction.

  • Built-in, easily cleanable dust collector plates.

  • Cleans and purifies the air noiselessly, effectively removing dust, pollen, mold spores, and other allergy- causing particulates.

  • Emits a breeze of negative air ions you can feel.

  • No filters to replace - ever. Works better than expensive HEPA filters or other types of air purifiers.

  • Advanced solid-state internal electronics are exceptionally reliable, safe, and produce no harmful EMF radiation. Safe to operate, internally fused, and also feature built-in sealed multiple electronic protection devices.


Installed in car to help eliminate traffic odors


and all necessary accessories
for both car or indoor room use.



PRICE: Only $79.95 ($71.95 if your order total comes to at least $179.97 before shipping). See it for less somewhere else if ordering more than one? Call or e-mail us. We'll try and match the quantity price!




  • Compact size: 3.5"H x 7.5"D x 12"W
  • Lightweight: only 1.5 lbs.
  • IMPROVED High-density negative ion production:
    Indoors with wall transformer:
    • 150,000 to 230,000 ions per cm3 @ 3 feet
    • 2,000,000 ions/cm3 @ 2 feet
  • Plugged into grounded car outlet:
    • 500,000 to 600,000 ions/cm3 @ 3 feet
    • 2,000,000 ions/cm3 at 21"
      (Old XJ-2000 was only 1 x 106 per cm3 (one million per cubic centimeter) @ 1 foot)
  • Less ozone. Old XJ-2000 Maximum active oxygen output: On high setting, <0.06 ppm (Approx. .05 mg/hr); low setting, <.036 PPM (.03 mg/hr).
  • CONTROLS (on side):
    • Adjustable: "HIGH/LOW" switch. (HIGH: the unit will run continuously; LOW: The unit runs 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off)
    • Three color LED status indicator lights
    • Power on/off switch

      Pushbutton switches and indicators on the left side of the XJ-2000 UV
  • Uses only about $5 a year of electricity run 24/7.
  • Power source: 120V AC wall adaptor or 12V DC car adaptor
  • Area coverage:
    • For dust, pollen, etc: The negative ions treat an average of  270 square feet. (15 foot by 18 foot room, size is not at all critical).
    • For odors and gases: It depends on the concentration of the odors; the ozone freshens and deodorizes a polluted area up to 600 square feet (sometimes more). Ozone FAQ
  • Oxidizes strong odors such as second hand tobacco smoke, "old house" smell, chemical odors, animal odors, etc.
  • Improved oxidization of microorganisms and viruses
  • Now with Ultraviolet light
  • Knocks particles as small as .01 micron from the air.
  • Safe levels of EMF: less than 1 milligauss @ 1 foot away from the XJ-2000 UV in any direction.
  • Power consumption: only 6 watts (around $5 a year of electricity run 24/7)
  • Comes with the following:
    • 120 volt wall transformer for indoor use
    • 12 volt car lighter adapter for vehicle use
    • Includes Velcro adhesive strips for vehicle mounting
    • Includes screws and anchors for wall mounting
    • Free Comtech Research IDN-1 ion detector included.
    • Manual & documentation
  • The improved stainless steel ion emitters (a 17-needle assembly) are removable, cleanable, and replaceable.
  • Mirror-finished stainless steel dust collection plates (easy to remove, easy to clean)  help make the phenomena known as "black wall effect" a thing of the past.
  • Virtually Silent operation with tiny fan.
  • Will not interfere with radio or TV reception.
  • Special safety features. The XJ-2000 UV automatically turns off when the collection plates are removed or the front grill is penetrated.
  • 100% solid state circuitry and microcomputer chips to generate optimal ion levels. Well built and no moving parts, so the failure rate is very low.
  • Silent, energy efficient operation without the need for expensive replacement filters.
  • Ironclad warranty, a full 60-day money back guarantee, and great customer service and support.


Not meant for continuous use in small confined spaces unless there are undesired odors present. Please read this important notice about ozone.



These XJ-2000 UV's are not the older style, "seconds", or reconditioned units with low negative ion output and no ultraviolet light. These are brand-new, factory-fresh XJ-2000 UV's with the improved design enhancements that meet or exceed all specifications.


60-day money-back guarantee

One-year Warranty


10% discount if your order total
comes to at least $179.97 before shipping.


Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


Includes one free IDN-1 ion detector per order.







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