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Being a gas, ozone reaches where conventional cleaners or disinfectants cannot. Ozone destroys contaminants up to 3200 times faster than traditional oxidants like chlorine, with no harmful by-products since it reverts back to oxygen and carbon dioxide, both natural products.

Thirty minutes is the usual time to completely deodorize a car, and it is very rare to have to run it as long as an hour to get rid of even strong or unusual odors. Tobacco smell is the usual odor, but it even works on mildew smells, if the water leak causing the mildew has been corrected and the car is dry. There is no trace of either the tobacco or ozone afterwards; the inside of the car will smell fresher than outdoors after the ozone treatment.

The model AF-300 Ozone Buddy ozone generator is simply placed on a stool in the back seat (or in the rear window) with the ozone blowing towards the windshield. It is suggested that you run the air conditioner fan on high while the ozone is working, to circulate the air throughout the vehicle and heater ducts. The ozone is switched on full, the vehicle is then closed up tightly, and after 30 minutes the doors should be opened and the ozone shut off. You will not smell any tobacco or ozone odor after that.

No one should be in the vehicle while the ozone generator is running, since the ozone concentration will be very high if the timers are set so that the ozone is on all the time.

This is a well-built unit. Here are the model AF-300 specifications

This unit also can be used as a water purifier with the supplied hose.


This unit normally retails for $595.  CLOSEOUT SALE - only $395. Only one left.
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